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Jun 16

You Know You Have Adult ADHD When…


We’re calling on the adult ADHD community to help us compile this light-hearted list. Please contribute!

You know you have adult ADHD when:
By Jennifer Koretsky
You spend 15 minutes looking for your keys until you find them…in your pocket.
While reading an article about how stimulant medications are “addictive,” you suddenly realize you forgot to take your stimulant medication this morning.
You have a long conversation with someone and spend the entire time thinking, Why can’t I remember this guy’s name?
You go out for milk and come home with $50 worth of groceries…but no milk.
You consider it a good day when you’re only 5 minutes late to work.
You find yourself lying awake at night thinking about something totally random, like why Idaho is a good state to grow potatoes, until you just can’t take it anymore and get up to Google to the answer.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us, You know you have adult ADHD when ____________.

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