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Nov 23

Not everything that looks like ADHD is ADHD!


Not everything that looks like ADHD is ADHD!

For example, children may be worried or stressed about events at home, at school, or in the world in general. Stressful events could include divorce or separation, moving, the death of a family member or pet, or the child’s performance in school. These children may:

have difficulty concentrating
have difficulty listening to and following instructions
find it hard to sit still
be easily distracted
make careless mistakes
Behaviour symptoms like those of ADHD can also be caused by:

learning disabilities
language problems
side effects of medication for other health problems such as asthma
brain injury following an accident
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
developmental delay or mental retardation
The doctor will want to rule out these and other possible causes before making a diagnosis of ADHD.

Reviewed By
Peter Chaban, MA, MEd

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